wySUwyg in action: Screenshots

wySUwyg: Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of the latest version, wySUwyg 0.1beta3, displaying the new Drag & Drop Sidebar. You can easily drag images, text or html from any tab onto the sidebar and later drag them onto the editor or any other page.

Mozilla Firefox Drag and Drop

Below are older screenshots of wySUwyg in action. You can see the editor launched in both Windowed and Tabbed mode (launched in a new browser tab).
The editor can either be launched by Right-clicking on a textbox, or from the browser's Tools menu.

wySUwyg editor launched in anew window

Windowed wySUwyg editor: another page colour scheme

wySUwyg editor: you can change page style on the fly

wySUwyg editor: yet another page style

wySUwyg editor: launched in anew browser tab

wySUwyg editor: Full Screen Mode

wySUwyg editor: More of tabbed interface

wySUwyg editor: Changing page styles, tabbed mode