wySUwyg: Installing the Extension

wySUwyg: Installation

This page contains the links to various versions of wySUwyg. Any relevant information is provided with the link to the installer.

Latest Release: Version

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URL: http://downloads.mozdev.org/wysuwyg/wysuwyg_2.0.0.3b1.xpi
Date of Release:Aug 2, 2009
Compatibility: Firefox 1.3.x.x - Firefox 3.5.x; Flock 1.0.x.x - Flock 2.5.x
Tested On: FF 3.0.1, FF 3.5.1,Flock 2.5 (Windows) and FF 3.5 (Linux)
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New Features in Version 2.0

Changelog: [Version]
Changelog: [Version]
Changelog: [Version]

New Features: [Added after Version 1.2]


For detailed Features List of wySUwyg, visit the Features page.

Installation Instructions

A general note about installation -If installing an extension causes problems with Firefox, you can restart Firefox by running the command 'firefox -safe-mode' and safely uninstall that extension.

Older Releases

Version (July 2008)
Install Version
Version 2.0 (May 18,208)
Install Version
Version 1.2 (March 21,2007)
Version 0.1Beta4 (Aug 8,2006)

Details: This version added a new mode editor and keyboard shortcuts, along with the ability to insert Boxes (like Divs) to pages. Also added was a prompt on leaving the editor page. Compatibility: Firefox 1.5.x.x

Download/Install:   Install Version 0.1Beta4 (old)

Version 0.1Beta3 (May 30,2006)

Details: This is a much enhanced release of wySUwyg with a number of new features.Compatibility: Firefox 1.5.x.x
Tested On: Firefox (Linux), Firefox (Win XP)
Download/Install:   Install Version 0.1Beta3 (old)

Version 0.1Beta2 (April 25, 2006)

Details: This is the very first release of wySUwyg.
Date of Release: April 25,2006
Compatibility: Firefox 1.5.x.x
Tested On: Firefox (Linux), Firefox 1.5 (Win XP), Firefox (Win XP)
Special Note: Beta Version, Incompatible with Netscape and Mozilla!
Download/Install:   Install Version 0.1Beta2 (old)

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