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The wySUwyg wysiwyg

wySUwyg is an Extension for Firefox browser which allows you to format the content of any TextArea. Just right-click on any web based form you want to fill, and launch the editor. It makes HTML formatting as easy as using a word processor, by bringing the power of Xinha editor to your browser.

Softpedia Award for wySUwyg Most of the websites, blogs and user forums allow users to include some HTML code in the text submitted through forms. However, you might either not know HTML, or find it inconvenient to write the repetitive formatting code inside the cramped textbox. Using wySUwyg will not only make formatting effortless, but also provide you with more space to work with.

wySUwyg also sports a Drag and Drop sidebar to facilitate photoblogging (adding web-based images to your postings).

The Screenshots

More screenshots here


wySUwyg is Free software. You can install wySUwyg from the installation page. As of may 2008, wySUwyg supports Flock and Firefox browsers.
Here's the installation page: installation page

The Footnote

wySUwyg is developed out of some Xinha and FCKEditor work I had loosely thrown together for handling StumbleUpon posts.
However, you can use it just as easily with other sites and forums, including major blogging sites.

Also, I plan to make it modular enough so that users can throw in various scripts to customise it on the fly  for different websites. That seems like a major existential decision in waiting for the wySUwyg project, but that is still for the future...

Right now I hope you'll enjoy using it as much on SU and elsewhere as I am.